Fortress DAO AMA Recap

  • yield farming opportunities
  • building out new and innovative DeFi platforms ourselves
  • investing in promising DeFi protocols at very early stages
  • expanding cross-chain and doing this everywhere!
  • treasury RFV well over 100M
  • multiple built-out platforms including branches on other chains, new stables/lending platforms that deliver yield in innovative ways, and community-focused games/NFTs
  • among the top 5 Olympus forks in terms of overall name recognition and popular awareness
  • demonstrated track record of providing consistent value to FORT holders
  • bringing on full- or half-time marketers dedicated to Fortress
  • partnering with well-chosen media/marketing companies and engaging in targeted marketing campaigns, especially those focused on building recognition in the Avalanche community
  • development of games that naturally foster community engagement as well as bring in new people
  • engagement of well-chosen influencers on Twitter and YouTube to promote Fortress through targeted content

Community Questions:



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