Hunny DAO AMA Recap

  • HunnyDAO is a fork of Olympus but with a better ecosystem.
  • HunnyDAO is Backed by 2 treasury reserves.
  • Long-term HODLers have a far exceeding chance of benefiting from the protocol vs short-term hodlers.
  1. Buy/Bond $LOVE from 17th Dec 2021–20th Dec 2021
  2. Stake $LOVE (3,3)
  3. Snapshot of account will be done on 20th Dec 2021 and 1st Jan 2022
  • HunnyPlay is the first full-fledged BSC casino with all traditional casino games and more.
  • HunnyJar is an incentive system with 2 Tiers, BumbleBees and HunnyBees
  • HunnyPlay has a Referral program with up to a 1.5% rebate on all bets made

Community Questions:

  1. Sharing words in AMA communities like telegram, discords, wechats FB groups and discords
  2. Press releases in higher traffic crypto sites
  3. Reaching out to influencers like YouTubers and Crypto Twitter, Twitch and Tiktoks
  4. Ads advertising like Poocoin, Dextools, Coinzilla, FB and Google
  5. Partnership with trusted projects like Chainlink, Babyswap and Venus Protocol
  6. Constant promotions in HunnyPlay and giveaways for Hunny



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