Magnet DAO AMA Recap

  1. Build new projects: We can use the stable coins in the treasury to fund developers to create new projects. We will incubate them and help them gain exposure, then the tokens to the treasury. We are working on 1 project like this in house already.
  2. Invest in new projects: For example the harmony project artemis protocol gives us exposure to many projects. The method is overflow so extra money is refunded so it makes sense to invest larger portions (last project was almost 99% refunded). We can use the fund to invest in these launchpads.
  3. VC like funding to new projects. Instead of traditional funding were the supply goes into the hands of a small VC firm we can raise capital and gain exposure to projects which we can distribute in a decentralized way (e.g incentivized bonds were users can earn MAG + token y).
  4. We can use it to farm LP on projects like anchor or sushiswap for example. We are looking for liquid stable coins that earn yield as another low risk option to earn yield and grow the treasury.

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