Spartacus AMA Recap

  1. It solved liquidity issue of predatory farming of pool 2 in Defi 1.0
  2. It accumulates a treasury, which can earn yields to buy back SPA
  3. Because of point #1, it can serve as a growth engine to bootstrap so many other things
  • Unleash the locked liquidity of sSPA. Right now, you can participate yield farming on Spooky with wsSPA-FTM, but what’s even more exciting is that, with wsSPA as collateral, Sparatacadabra allows you to borrow Lamba, a stable coin that you can swap into any other assets, such as more SPA. Unlocking wsSPA liquidity improves your capital efficiency
  • If you go full degen you can take a leverage position on collateral, borrow more lambda and bond into SPA and stake, so call the (9. 9). taking on a leverage position is high risk and please DYOR before doing this!
  • you can bond into SPA with Lambda/Charm-USDC LP or so many other things such as wFTM, yvTokens, crvLP tokens, gOhm, wMemo, etc.
  • Full roll out of Spartacadabra
  • Implementation of Spartacus treasury strategies
  • Overall improvement on Spartacus UIUX (calculator and others)
  • Bonds and treasury strategy towards a better integration into OHM and TIME
  • Building synergy between Spartacus and Spartacadabra
  • Build community. Build team. Enable people and community

Community Questions:

  • I think it bears the name “Treasury” for a reason. It’s supposed to be ever-growing like a national treasury or social security fund. at this point we are more inclined to stick with risk-free assets and earn stable yields. Our understanding is that treasury should not take on speculative trades.
  • Treasury allocation should be strategic. On the high level we will try to integrate into the OHM or TIME ecosystem and we would like to diversify into gOhm, wMemo, MIM etc.
  • On the implementation side, we will prepare contracts for treasury allocations, for the safety reason of course. you can’t just withdraw treasury assets to a hot wallet and yield farm from there. It needs to be done in a safe and secure way. This is on our priority list once the Spartacadabra is fully launched.
  1. Product. we will continue to improve on products UIUX and the underlying economic policy to drive growth. we will also focus on building the synergy between spa and charm. as mentioned earlier, solving the inefficiency creates value for users
  2. Marketing. We need to let the world know more about us and the unique strengths of the Spartacus ecosystem. We have been building a marketing team/army as @Arcus_Sigma mentioned earlier. we are going all out in media outlets as well as on social media and building long term relationship with them.
  1. Collab with major projects on FTM and drive synergy with them. So far we work very closely with Spooky and yield farming and future plan. We recently worked with Beethoven X team on our LBP and received a lot of help from them and we are in conv for more future collab. So many other great projects on FTM now including Spiritswap who we are also actively engaged with
  2. We will keep building on Fantom. This is where we started. Going multi-chain is our goal as well. And we will share more plans on across chain soon.
  1. First week. Initial phase where bonding > staking. Overal growth in all metrics with some dilution from bonders
  2. Second week with bonding < staking. Slow growth. First dip. We put in efforts on marketing and addressing community concerns with multisig
  3. Third week with bonding > staking. Back to growth again
  4. Fine tuning params with temporary price appreciation with no bonding
  • Someone with pulic credibility
  • Someone with a significant stake in SPA
  • Someone to bring in stratetic partnerships or advisory



We are the Olympians.

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